Recommended Requirements to Host Label Studio on AWS

Chris Wendler: what are the recommended requirements to host a server on AWS EC2 on which multiple ppl can label?

Sergey Zhuk (Heartex):

You have to start from 4 CPU and 6GB RAM

Chris Wendler: ty

Sergey Zhuk (Heartex): this should be enough for up to 10 concurrent annotators

Chris Wendler: is file size a problem?

Sergey Zhuk (Heartex): no, it’s rather about actions that annotators doing, like data export/import

Chris Wendler: does the cost go down if it is set up properly using kubernetes?

Chris Wendler: i just spun up a server using the label-studio command

Sergey Zhuk (Heartex): the k8s maintenance cost is much bigger than single ec2 instance

Sergey Zhuk (Heartex): until you have 100+ concurrent annotators

Chris Wendler: ok ty so much

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