What are the Annotator and Task Limits in the Community Version of Label Studio?


For the community version of Label Studio, what are the maximum number of annotators per project and the maximum number of tasks? Moreover, if multiple annotators launch their own instances of Label Studio, how does communication happen to prevent overwriting each other’s work? Does everyone have their unique database for annotations before syncing with a central one?


With the community version of Label Studio, the good news is that there aren’t explicit limits on the number of annotators or tasks per project. Here’s what you should consider to effectively manage your project:

  • Annotators can work on separate instances of Label Studio, which means they have their own databases for annotation.
  • There isn’t a built-in feature for syncing annotations between different instances, so you would need to set up a system outside of Label Studio to consolidate annotations without overwrites.
  • To manage multiple annotators and avoid data conflicts, establish a central database where all annotations are merged after being collected from each annotator’s instance. This may require additional development to automate merging and conflict resolution.
  • If collaboration and conflict avoidance are top priorities, Label Studio Enterprise might be a better fit as it offers native support for collaboration features like multiple users and task assignments.
  • The main setup strategy is to use a single instance of Label Studio accessed by all annotators, while managing task distribution to prevent simultaneous annotations on the same task.