Storing Label Studio Annotations in a Single CSV File and Importing Tasks with JSONL


Can Label Studio be configured to store all tasks and their annotations in a single CSV file on the target storage instead of generating one JSON file per task?


Currently, Label Studio does not offer direct support for exporting all tasks and annotations into a single CSV file to the target storage within its built-in functionality. However, you can export your annotations to various formats, including CSV, from the Label Studio UI or by utilizing the API. Once exported, the CSV file can be manually uploaded to your storage of choice. Automating this process would require a custom script that interfaces with the Label Studio API to export the annotations, followed by an upload to your specified storage.

Follow-up Question:

Can tasks be imported into Label Studio as JSONL (newline-delimited JSON) files? This format is common for BigQuery table exports to Google Cloud Storage.


At the moment, JSONL is not a supported import format for tasks in Label Studio. However, open-source projects thrive on contributions, so you’re welcome to contribute to Label Studio to add this functionality if it’s critical for your workflow!