Importing Data From a URL

Hey Team, I’m almost new to label-studio and I have a question that I couldn’t find its answer in docs. Can anybody please explain what exactly happens when we import data from URL?
To be more specific: after importing new data with URL, is all the data getting downloaded and stored in local storage or in this case label-studio is using local storage just for data cache?
All the data that we want to annotate is accessible by URL that specified by another service, and now our main challenge is to specify the amount of storage that we need to run label-studio service.

Answer: The section of the docs includes information about importing data from a URL. Unless it’s something like a CSV file, If you load data from a URL, the data is not saved in Label Studio. If you want an annotated task export to include the data that you annotated, you must import the data into the Label Studio database without using URL references, or combine the data with the annotations after exporting.

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