Handling a Large Number of Annotation Choices with the Taxonomy Tag

Michael Bunsen: Is there a recommended way to handle many many choices for a classification task? We have about 3000 species names. I am using the Filter tag. It might be more performant if we could at least hide the full list of choices when nothing has been typed in the filter box.

abubakar.saad.891: Hello Michael,

You can try using taxonomy tag for this. It can help you even group up classes (https://labelstud.io/tags/taxonomy.html)

Michael Bunsen: Ah! That may be just the ticket! Thank you

Michael Bunsen: If it want to populate those choices from the API would it be best to update the label_config of the project, or embed the choices within the data of each task?

abubakar.saad.891: Update the label_config, its be faster that way

Michael Bunsen: @abubakar.saad.891 I’m having good luck with the Taxonomy tag. Is there a hotkey that opens up the search box?

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Danielle McKenney: Are there any suggestions for how to do something like this for a labelling task, where an image may contain several bounding boxes, each with a different label?

Chris Hoge (HumanSignal): @abubakar.saad.891 might have some ideas on how to do this.

abubakar.saad.891: @Danielle McKenney You can just use labels with collapse tag. That gives you similar functionality

Michael Bunsen: Is there a key command for adding focus to the taxonomy tag?