Create a dynamic label using conditional labels

kien bui: Hi!
Do you know about condition to load dynamic label?
Example: I want to get list of choices label from attributes with structure format attributes: [{ code: “a”; value:“val_a”}, { code: “b”; value:“val_b”},{ code: “c”; value:“val_c”},{ code: “d”; value:“val_d”}, ]

<Choices   name="example" value="$attributes[code=a].value"> 

Tyler Conlee (HumanSignal): Yes, you can load dynamic labels from a list of choices in your task data. Here’s an example of how you can do it:
Your task JSON should look like this:

  "id": 1,
  "data": {
    "text": "Your text to classify goes here.",
    "attributes": [
      { "code": "a", "value":"val_a" },
      { "code": "b", "value":"val_b" },
      { "code": "c", "value":"val_c" },
      { "code": "d", "value":"val_d" }

In your labeling configuration, you can use the Choices tag with the value attribute set to $attributes. This will load the choices from the attributes list in your task data. Each choice will be created with the value attribute set to the value field of the corresponding item in the attributes list.
Here’s an example of how your labeling configuration might look:

  <Text name="text" value="$text"/>
  <Choices name="choices" toName="text" value="$attributes">

In this configuration, each choice will be displayed with the text from the value field of the corresponding item in the attributes list. The code field can be used as an alias for the choice.

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kien bui: Thank you <@U05CTJYG39S>
But my main point is the condition.
In my case, I only want to show value with code =a instead of showing the all of objects