Setting Host URL for Image References Generated by Label Studio Converter

Lucca Huguet: hello, i have a slight problem.

whenever I run label-studio-converter import yolo -i ./ -o tasks.json , the generated tasks.json ends up with the following image urls “http://localhost:8080/data/local-files/?d=/myimagename.jpg” and then I have to update every single image url in the tasks.json to “http://localhost:8080/data/local-files/?d=images/myimagename.jpg

my dir structure is the following:

Chris Hoge (HumanSignal): Can you try with the flag

--image-root-url IMAGE_ROOT_URL

Lucca Huguet: thanks! is IMAGE_ROOT_URL supposed to be <http://localhost:8080/data/local-files/?d=images/>?

Chris Hoge (HumanSignal): I believe so, I don’t have a lot of experience with the converter :slightly_smiling_face:

Lucca Huguet: ok, this does work

still very hard-coded, but I guess better than having to add the string “images” to every single url


Chris Hoge (HumanSignal): I’m glad it worked!

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