Issue with Label Studio related to image file paths

I’m encountering an issue with Label Studio related to image file paths. When I upload images from local storage, Label Studio adds a prefix to the image file paths. Consequently, when I export the tasks and try to load them into a different Label Studio server, it fails to find the images due to the prefix.

Has anyone experienced this before, or does anyone have suggestions on how to resolve this issue?

Thank you for your assistance!

Thanks for posting here Jacob.

Sorry to hear my suggestion in the slack about modifying the paths with script didn’t work.

Copying and pasting what I wrote from there: this is a known issue with the image paths and exporting/importing to a different server. We’d recommend using a form of cloud storage so that it’s easier to load them somewhere else.

Are you able to share the workaround script that updates the file prefixes according to their names upon upload?