Remapping Hot Keys for use with Mac Keyboard Layouts

Evan Albright: Hey folks! I’m sure this is a ridiculous question but does anyone know why my hotkeys requiring the alt modifier aren’t working? I’m running Label Studio on a remote linux instance and editing through my mac laptop. I swear I’ve tried all combinations of alt/option fn/control/command/shit+r and can’t get the relation action to key up without clicking through to it which is slowing me down. Regular hotkeys like those that get auto-created for my labels work. I’ll try remapping it but was hoping to not have to relaunch label studio which I think that requires?

I tried to look in the history + online to spare the question. The alt/option key itself works with regular mac hotkey shortcuts. Thanks for any help!

abubakar.saad.891: Hello Evan,

It’s possible that the issue you’re experiencing is related to the remote Linux instance not recognizing the Alt key from your Mac laptop. In this case, remapping the hotkeys might be the best solution. You can customize the hotkeys in Label Studio by following the guide here:
Relaunching Label Studio might be required after remapping the hotkeys, but it should help resolve the issue you’re facing with the Alt modifier. If the problem persists, you can try using a different remote desktop application or check the settings of your current remote desktop application to ensure that it’s properly forwarding the Alt key input.

Evan Albright: Thanks Abu, I’ll go through the process of remapping and relaunching! Glad I wasn’t missing anything obvious at least

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