How to Add a Collaborator to Local Virtual Machine for Annotation Projects


I’m running an annotation project on a local virtual machine and encountered trouble when trying to add a collaborator. Although I have shared the organization signup link, my collaborator is unable to access it. It works locally on my host PC, but not for the collaborator. How can I adjust my setup or sharing permissions to resolve this issue?


To ensure your collaborator can access your local virtual machine, here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Accessible Server: Confirm that your virtual machine is network accessible. It’s likely set to only local access (for example, localhost or, which means external collaborators cannot connect. You may need to use a service like ngrok to expose your local instance or modify network routing and firewall settings.
  2. Correct Link: Make certain the organization link is accurate and contains any required tokens. The format should look like this: http://<your_vm_ip_or_hostname>:<port>/user/signup/?token=XXXXXXXXXX.
  3. Network Configuration: Check your virtual machine’s network configuration to ensure the relevant ports are open, and it is not preventing incoming connections.
  4. Check VM IP Address: Double-check that you’re giving out the correct IP address of the virtual machine that should be accessible by your collaborator’s network.

Remember to communicate these adjustments to your collaborator to ensure they can successfully access the VM and participate in the labeling project.