Resolving Table Display Issues After Label Studio Upgrade


Hey team, I’m having an issue where I just upgraded from an older version of label studio to the most recent and it has broken my labeling interfaces with tables displaying data.


There are a few things we can recommend checking here if you are facing this issue:

  1. Check Data Format: Ensure that the data being passed to the table is in the correct format. The Table tag expects a list of dictionaries. Each dictionary represents a row, and the keys of the dictionary represent the column headers.

  2. Labeling Configuration: Verify that your labeling configuration is correct. Based on the example you provided, it should look something like this:

        <Header value="Table test"/>
        <Table name="table" value="$data"/>
  1. Example Data: Ensure your data looks like this:
        "data": [
            {"Column1": "Value1", "Column2": "Value2"},
            {"Column1": "Value3", "Column2": "Value4"}
  1. Update Label Studio: Sometimes, issues arise from bugs that have been fixed in newer versions. Make sure you are using the latest version of Label Studio.

  2. Playground Example: Test your configuration in the Label Studio Playground to ensure it works as expected. You can use the following link to test your configuration: Label Studio Playground.

If you still face issues, please share a snippet of your data and configuration, and we can help debug further.