Label Studio & Tesseract Integration

Hello - I have followed the instructions to configure a Tesseract engine for my annotation project here: Label Studio Enterprise Documentation — Interactive bounding boxes OCR in Label Studio with a Tesseract backend.

However, my setup is not working as in the example shown in the screenshot below. When I label the text on my image, the underlying text is not showing up.
I am using the same config as the one on the instructions page above. I tested the Tesseract connection and it is returning a good response of “200.” Any pointers to resolve the issue would be appreciated.

As a temporary workaround, I am manually preprocessing my documents using Tesseract and importing the resulting JSON files into Label Studio as described here: Improve OCR quality for receipt processing with Tesseract and Label Studio | Label Studio

hey @josh, thanks for posting here!

What image are you using to test the Tesseract engine? Are you using the latest version of LS?

And yes i have the version of Label Studio 1.12.0