How to enable feature flags in Label Studio

Victor Sklyar: how to set fflag_feat_front_prod_309_choice_hint_080523_short ?

Erin (Label Studio): Hey @Victor Sklyar — you can enable the feature flag by doing the following

To set the fflag_feat_front_prod_309_choice_hint_080523_short feature flag, you can follow these steps:
  1. If you’re using Label Studio Community Edition (open-source), set the feature flag as an environment variable when starting Label Studio:
 export fflag_feat_front_prod_309_choice_hint_080523_short=true label-studio
  1. If you’re using Label Studio Enterprise with Helm and Kubernetes, add the feature flag to the ls-values.yaml file:
     # ... other configurations ...
       fflag_feat_front_prod_309_choice_hint_080523_short: true
   helm upgrade <RELEASE_NAME> heartex/label-studio -f ls-values.yaml
   kubectl rollout restart deployment/<RELEASE_NAME>-ls-app
  1. Verify that the feature flag is enabled in Label Studio by visiting the /feature-flags page, e.g., <http://localhost:8080/feature-flags>.

Remember to replace &lt;RELEASE_NAME&gt; with the actual release name of your Label Studio Enterprise deployment.

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